Physical Education

Physical Education is also a conventional Education process. But it is given through physical activities, to create better Human beings, better Society and a better World for our future generations to enjoy.

Education is a lifelong process, and so are physical activities. So, there is a strong bond between Education and physical activities.

 And as physical activity is the basis of Physical Education, it is very much important to to integrate ACTIVITY, EDUCATION AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION in today’s child centric education policy. A child learns better if he/she gets the chance to acquire knowledge through his/her basic instincts; i.e- “Learning through Playing “.

So a modern or model teacher of tomorrow’s children must have to educate children scientifically and ethically, but with their own flow of development and through the way THEY want it.In this tough and rough process, the contents of Physical Education can be a great help for the teacher.

Here in our GURUKUL TEACHERS’ TRAINING CENTRE , we give a hard emphasis on our student’s Health, Physical/ Social/ emotional Skills as well as on the ways , through which they can educate children the way they deserve it.

Here, not only we educate our students about the rules, regulations and skills of various child centric GAMES AND SPORTS, we make sure that they can master them and implement them as required.

We are very much modern and futuristic in our teaching and learning process. Though we haven’t forgotten our cultural heritage and social foundation.
Through activities like YOGA and BRATACHARI we keep them alive in our life development process.

We abide by the saying, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness “.
We teach and strictly follow the rules of HYGIENE AND SANITATION (Through yearlong programme) in our daily life, college campus, locality and society. So that our future generations can lead a fit and healthy lifestyle.

We also know that, “Preparedness is Everything “. So, ‘DISCIPLINE’ is the first thing we teach.
On the other hand, we emphasize on training of emergency life saving skills like FIRST AID & SAFETY EDUCATION.

Our outdoor and indoor facilities enrich our students; our faculty member’s shows the correct way of life to the students. Our stuffs make a institute a ‘Home’ and above all the students makes this a family…. GURUKUL FAMILY.

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